About Me

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My name is Himanshu Arora. I am based in Haryana, India and obtained my B.Tech Degree from the Department of Computer Science & Technology in 2017 from Kurukshetra University, India.

I started looking for a job in my last year of college and landed in Futuristic Simplified Computing Pvt. Ltd as a web developer for 1 year & 9 months. In 2019 I joined Studio137 Digital Media Solutions based in South Africa as a Fullstack Web Developer for 2 years & 5 months.

Recently, I worked as a Senior Fullstack Web Developer at Fiverr International Limited since August 2021 where I help my clients to solve their challenges with gratifying and meaningful Fullstack Development.

I have more than 6 years of experience in this field. Throughout my career, I strengthen my skills in Web Development while working for several companies in different industries. I have learned how to work across diverse teams, build relationships with clients. Over the years I have worked hard to get to the position I am today. I am positive, loyal, hard worker, trust worthy & self learner person. If you hire me I can assure you will see a positive return on your investment. If you think I am a good candidate, please feel free to get in touch.

Please have a look at my reviews on Fiverr and recommendations on LinkedIn.


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